Bringing Kennedy Home

Feelings, thoughts and other tidbits along the way to adopting our daughter from China.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Where does the time go??

Hi again everyone! It's been awhile, I realize. I have lots of stuff to add, but haven't got around to it. The latest news on timelines is not good news. The CCAA sent out their latest set of referrals and it only covers 12 days, that is May 13-May25 2005. Just to remind you our LID (log in date) is August 31, 2005. SO...if referrals only come out once a month, and they continue to only process 12 days per month, we may never get there. I mean we will get there but my god when??? I guess it's because when we started this process a year ago, we were told we would probably be in China by April 2006. That means we would have our picture by now and be packing our bags. Instead, I'm realizing that I will probably drive myself insane this summer and I'll be starting the next school year, which I didn't expect to do. I just want to get Kennedy here. That's all.
My birthday was great. Marv spoiled me as usual. I can't wait to see him spoil Kennedy. She'll be lucky to have him for a daddy.
I've got lots more to share so keep checking back. I'm heading into report card time so it's busy. But busy is good. Can't believe we're heading into March.
Have a great week everyone.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Got it!

Okay, I think it's all fixed up now. Notice on the sidebar you can now click on some links if you choose (our website, our agency and a site that hosts adoption journeys). I'll add more as time goes along. That's it for tonight.

Struggling with technology

Just incase you're wondering, I'm trying to post some links in the sidebar but I haven't quite figured it out yet...I have the words there but it won't connect you to the link...yet! I'm stubborn though. I'll figure it out and let you know when it's working:)

They're on their way...finally

If anyone is interested in following a journey to China, there is a couple in North Carolina who left this morning to bring home their daughter Olivia. The website is
By the way, if you go back through the archives of their blog, you may come upon pictures of their dog. It looks exactly like our dog Yaz. Struck me funny, as Yaz is not an average looking dog. Anyhow, if you're interested follow along. I'm usually following a few trips at one time as there is no shortage of them on the internet.

These little shoes are going back to China!

Thank you Stephanie and Trevor for the sweet little shoes! They brought these shoes to China with them 2.5 years ago when they went to get their daughter Chloe. We will definitely bring them with us when we go to get Kennedy and I have a feeling they may get there again, next year, when Jen, Jeff and Savannah go! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I came home from school to a bag full of goodies from Marvin. Poor guy...he gets Valentines and my birthday all in one week! Lots of fun at school today, exchanging valentines and eating treats! Hope everyone has a great day...Love is in the air!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Well, today rumors are circulating like crazy on the internet. For those of you not familiar with all the internet groups, I will explain. There are soooo many groups that you can join on the internet to share info, thoughts, ideas, feelings, RUMORS, regarding the international adoption process. Yahoo has many groups of which I am a member. There is the group of Canadians adopting from China (full of great info), Atlantic Canadians adopting from China, PEIslanders adopting from China. I also am a member of a group for all those who are travelling with us to China, and a group for all the folks around the world who have log in dates the same as ours (August 05). Soooo....on the Canadians adopting from China site, someone posted that things are rumored to be speeding up in China. That instead of processing 2 weeks of applications at a time, they will be starting to process 1 month of applications at a time, which would obviously cut our wait time down considerably. Translation: We MAY get to China sooner than October. I'm cautiously optimistic. Don't want to be disappointed but I'm hoping now that Chinese New Year is over and they've relocated, maybe they're gonna get down to business????
I hope so,(and ofcourse so does every other soul that's waiting to get to China).
I should get some idea if this accurate when the next batch of referrals come out (rumored to be the end of February). Keep your fingers crossed please!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

How Cute Is This???

How cute is this little Red Sox warm up jacket? And the cap to match! Trudy is well know for her excellent finds at Frenchies. So Saturday night she presents me with this container FULL of clothes for Kennedy. Some of the items still have tags on them. Every single item is adorable, but ofcourse the Red Sox jacket takes the cake. Can you picture it now? Kennedy in her cheerleader dress with her warm up jacket and ball cap! Too Cute! Thank you so much Trudy, Trevor, Dylan and Brandan.(I think I also owe a thank you to Trudy's sisters and mom who are just as Frenchies savvy as she is!)

Saturday Night

Top photo: Angela, me, Trudy
Middle photo: Angela, Bryan, Trudy, Trevor
Bottom photo: Marvin, me, Angela, Bryan
Finally we got to meet Angela and Bryan! We met for supper at 6:00 on Saturday evening...the two of us, Angela and Bryan and Trudy and Trevor. It was so great just to sit and talk with them about the whole adoption process. Ofcourse, Trudy and Trevor could conduct the next information seminar on adopting from China for sure! They sat and listened to the 4 of us ramble on about timelines, travelling, and waiting. We did suggest to them that jump on board and go get a little sister for Dylan and Brandan!?!?
We exchanged quilt pieces and other little things we had picked up for each other. Now it will be our turn to go visit them in Moncton. Looking forward to it! Thanks for a great evening guys and to Trudy and Trevor: thanks for your hospitality and bringing us all together.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scrapbooking Fun!

I am now knee deep into my scrapbooking project for Kennedy. So far I have about 12 pages finished and many more wishes to add. Myself, my sister Kim and our friends Trudy and Patti all went to a scrapbooking class a couple of weeks ago. It was great. I got lots of ideas and I'm just kind of doing my own thing now. There's tons of stuff on the internet and in books, so I get lots of ideas there. Many people are choosing to scrapbook their own page (which is awesome!). I love having people's personal touch. The verses, poems, songs and personal messages are just unbelievable! People are giving straight from their hearts...that means so much and it will mean so much to Kennedy when she is old enough to understand. I can't wait to tell her how many people waited for her, not just mommy and daddy. I picture us lying in bed together when she's 10 years old, looking through her scrapbook, and telling her all about each person who loved her before she was here...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Meeting our E-mail Friends...finally

I am so looking forward to this weekend! My e-mail friend, Angela and her husband Bryan are coming to PEI so we can finally meet. It goes something like this: Soon after Marvin and I told our friends and family that we were adopting, my friend Trudy(co-worker) came to me and said her friend Angela and her husband were also adopting. Angela and Bryan are not from PEI, so I knew we wouldn't get to meet them at any of the PEI get togethers, so I told Trudy to give me Angela's e-mail. Now during the course of this past year, I have e-mailed many families and shared many thoughts, but never did I expect that Angela and I would form such a friendship. Since August 05, we have been sharing every little detail of our adoption process through e-mail. We've even ordered shoes together to save on shipping!!!!(See why I like her so much!) Marvin and I are thrilled about finally meeting Bryan and Angela. Trudy and her husband Trevor are also going to come out with us since they are the reason we've all come together in the first place. It's kind of strange because I feel like I know Angela already. I think it will be like meeting an old friend. I can't wait! I will post pictures next week.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

Last night we celebrated my mother-in-law, Velma's, birthday. Her actual birthday was on February 2nd, but we decided to get together Saturday night for a potluck supper and cards. I should really have a picture of all the food that we had for the potluck. It really could have fed a small army but we managed to put a good dent into it! For the past few years, every time someone in the family has a birthday, we all get together and celebrate. We either go out to a restaurant or have potluck. Everyone buys the birthday person a small gift and we celebrate with birthday cake after the meal. Lots of fun and always an excuse to get together.
Happy Birthday Mom! I think my party is next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl's Night

Introducing my favorite gals! Jill, Tracy, Sue, Leah and Jackie. These are the friends in my life that I've had for what seems like forever. We all went to high school together, except Jackie...We picked her up when we all ended up in Charlottetown for University and College. She fits in like a glove with the rest of us "up west" girls!
Friday night, we all got together for some drinks, munchies and a dip in the hot tub.
We had lots of laughs and got caught up on all the latest gossip. Ofcourse, these girls are some of our biggest supporters when it comes to adopting Kennedy. So, they let me go on and on about that for awhile. It's so nice to have friends who are as excited as we are. They've seen me at my worst so they know how much this means to us.
Thank you for all your submissions for the scrapbook and quilt girls! If anyone else out there is planning on sending a piece, I would love to have it any time. My dear friend Leah is going to help me put it all together. Thanks Leah!
Have a great week everyone!