Bringing Kennedy Home

Feelings, thoughts and other tidbits along the way to adopting our daughter from China.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Makin' a list, checkin' it twice...

I've been roaming around Shopper's Drugmart every evening for about a week. I'm sure they're starting to wonder about me, although the people at the pharmacy already know me :) They've filled my prescriptions and been most helpful in every way.

I've made more lists than you can imagine. Each night I revise the list(s) and set out the next day with a new one. As of right now, there is only a very small list left...nothing that I have to go out for, just things that I need to do here at home before we leave.

Today I went to work to see my co-workers and my kids. Wow, absence makes the heart grow fonder! My kids gave me a BIG group hug. I think they were wondering how come I didn't have Kennedy with me. One little guy said "how is your baby?" I promised them I will take her to see them as soon as I can when we get home. It was awesome to see my co-workers too. They've all been so supportive and are as excited as we are!

Wednesday evening I'm having supper with my mom and two sisters. I'm really looking forward to that.

We are closely watching the weather for Friday. We fly out of Charlottetown (approx.1 hour drive away) @ 6:30. Right now the forecast is for some kind of snow/rain mix. Pray that it passes us by so we can get to the airport and on that plane. I love snow, but not Friday, please!!

Mom is coming over again tomorrow for one last day of organizing. She's the best. I'm so lucky to have a mother like her! I love you mom!

That's all for now.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Childhood Idol

Marvin and I just finished watching the retirement of Ken Dryden's jersey. Marvin, who is also a goalie, LOVED Ken Dryden growing up and ofcourse loved the Habs too. It was like a walk down memory lane for Marvin. As they showed the clips from the 70's, Marvin had the biggest grin on his face ever...he remembered all those moments.

Now back to packing....


Well, well, well. We've been watching the temperature in both Beijing and Nanchang for the past couple of months...things have been warming up in both cities. As of this week, the daytime temperature in Nanchang has been as high as 17 celcius!! The daytime temperature in Beijing is as high as 8 celcius. That's great news, as I'm ALWAYS cold. It does make packing a little challenging however. Not so much for us, but for what to bring for Kennedy...

The links for the weather in Beijing and Nanchang are:

Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Leaving for China in FIVE days!!

Oh yeah, we're leaving in FIVE days! When you wait almost two years, it's hard to comprehend five days...

Finally today we started packing. Wow! That little girl requires a LOT of stuff! We'll have 4 large suitcases and two carry-ons when all is said and done. Then, on the way home, Kennedy is allowed a suitcase. So if we accumulate much stuff along the way, we can purchase another suitcase there.

My mom is coming over tomorrow to help me get organized. She's also gonna come back on Wednesday. Hopefully by then, we'll be almost ready and we can just enjoy each other's company for a bit.

Exciting week coming up. I'll keep ya posted!

Friday, January 26, 2007

TESTING 1...2...3!!!

Hi Everyone,
For those who don't know me....I am Carolyn's roommate of 9 ish years!! I will be in charge of posting entries if Carolyn has any problems while in 7 more sleeps Carolyn and Marvin!!!! Can you believe it!!! We are all so excited to meet Kennedy.....she is so loved already......she has a whole Island of family and friends just waiting to see her!
Anyway, I am going to post a couple of pics of my 2 girls....Keno 5 and Darcie 3, to make sure I know what I am doing!! I look forward to talking to you all and to Marvin and of luck on your journey, we love you both very much and can't wait to meet your new 'addition'........
Love Sue


Guess all you tennis fans out there(probably few and far between I'm guessing) figured out that no, I did not watch the women's final of the Australian Open last night at 10:30. I waited and was all ready to stay up late, since I don't have to work tennis. It's TONIGHT that it's on. So I will stay up late tonight with some munchies and enjoy the tennis. Marvin has to work right up until Thursday morning so he's got a busy stretch ahead. Then he'll be off for about a month (with the exception of about 3 days), so we're looking forward to that.

It's very cold here today...about -30 with the wind chill. BRRRR....makes me want to stay inside and....pack perhaps? I'm procrastinating a bit. Time to do a trial run.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Day Off / The Countdown: 8 days to Travel, 11 days to Kennedy!

Today was my first offical day off work. We slept in until 9:00! Getting all the sleep we can, while we can. Then off to the bank to finish up some business. I met Jen for lunch. We felt like two school girls skipping class! It's hard to believe we've taught side-by-side for 4.5 years and now we're off at the same time. It's the best really. We cannot wait to have our babies home and do some playdates together. Marvin and I also went shopping and bought new sneakers for our trip. We were both in desperate need of footwear that would get us through the trip. We are only bringing one pair of footwear each so hopefully they will be comfortable with all the touring we will be doing.

Last night we went to Charlottetown to have supper with Marty and Sue. It was so nice to get together with them. We don't do it often enough, that's for sure. Thanks for the great evening guys!

So it's about time to start packing the bags. I'll keep you posted on the progress. The challenging part is that the restricitions on weight are different from Canada to Beijing and then Beijing to Nanchang so we have to leave basically half of our luggage behind in Beijing. Also, we just found out that for our first night in Beijing, we may only have our carry-ons available to us since we are flying out the very next morning. Are you confused? I am. I'm terrified to put something that I will NEED in a bag I won't have access to for awhile. Anyhow, lots of people have done it before us, so I'm sure we'll figure it all out...

Gotta do some tidying and get ready for the women's final of the Australian Open at days of watching 3 hour tennis matches may be coming to a halt. Hope Kennedy is a sports fan like us.

For those hoping for snow tomorrow (you know who you are), my fingers are crossed!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Marvin and Paul putting up the stair railing...

The gathering of Kennedy's "stuff"

An assorment of luggage to choose from...

Kiana anxiously waits to meet her cousin Kennedy

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Itinerary: China February 2007!

On Friday we received our final package of information from our agency in Ottawa. Overwhelming amount of information, as usual. It comes in waves like this so we have to read a bit, do a few things, then go back and read a bit again. Our Travel Approval, also known as "Notice of Coming" also arrived at our government office on Thursday. This document is the single most important item to bring with us as we need to present it in order to receive our daughter.

Here's what our itinerary looks like:
Friday, Feb. 2-6:30pm-depart Charlottetown for Vancouver
Friday, Feb. 2-10:30pm(pacific) arrive Vancouver
Saturday, Feb. 3-12:30pm-depart Vancouver for Beijing
Sunday, Feb. 4-Arrive at Beijing Airport Hotel in the p.m.
Monday, Feb. 5-11:30-depart for Nanchang
2:00-arrive in Nanchang
Tuesday, Feb. 6-Registration, Notarization at the Provincial Government Office
Wednesday, Feb. 7-Visit the Tengwang Temple
Thursday, Feb. 8-Receive the children's adoption documents
Friday, Feb. 9-10:30-Receive children's passports
6:15-Leave for Beijing
8:35-Arrive in Beijing
Saturday, Feb. 10-Children's Photos
Group Picture
Beijing Zoo
Summer Palace
Sunday, Feb. 11-The Great Wall
Monday, Feb. 12-Medical Exam for the children
Tuesday, Feb.13-Silk Store
Indoor Market
Wednesday, Feb. 14-Tiananmen Square
Forbidden City
Thursday, Feb. 15-10:30-Leave for airport
2:40-Depart for Toronto
pm-arrive in Toronto
11:30(atlantic time) ARRIVE IN CHARLOTTETOWN!!!!

Friday, February 16-MY 35TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!

So there it is. I have very big hopes about being able to blog while in China. I've heard various feedback about internet connections there so we'll do the very best we can. My friend Sue is going to be running this show if I cannot do it from China. Also we have our website that will have the same posts on it.

3 days of work/ 13 days to departure/ 16 days to Kennedy Joy!

I know I haven't been diligent with posting feels like I don't know what to say anymore...I'm obsessing on my countdowns ofcourse:) I've had two baby showers which were very exciting. My friends at school are as excited as we are. Our families are counting down with mother is on standby, waiting for me to finish work so we can start the major task of packing...I have two best friends (Leah and Jen) who are getting ready to have babies...I'm guessing they'll both be born while we're away. We'll be anxiously awaiting e-mail updates on them. We met with our friends the Gillis Family for pizza and China tips last week. Their daughter Jane crawled right up onto Marvin's knee and proceded to show him all the pictures from their trips to China. Today, Marvin and brother-in-law Paul are putting a railing on the stairs...That's right. For 7.5 years we haven't had a railing on our stairs, we just zip up and down them, pile things on them etc. Well, parenthood has turned us around. Now there will be a railing with baby gates at the top and bottom. That will put everyone's mind to rest (I've had some gentle reminders from my "mommy" friends to get a railing on those stairs, not to mention my dad will have an easier time of it now too!) I just told Paul and Marvin that they will have to pose for a picture...they just looked at me and kept on working :) Don't think they want their picture taken.

So we've been to the pharmacy to load up on the medicines we need, both prescription and over-the-counter. That was interesting. Once again, we became lost in the baby isles. We sincerely hope we'll figure this all out when finally have her. Can you do trial and error with a live baby? We're taking some formula with us and are told we can get it there also, along with diapers. It's very hard for me to go with only half of what we need...I'm the type that likes to know I have everything, just incase...

That's all for now. The next 13 days will be interesting. I'll try to post more frequently.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! everyone that attended the baby shower at my mom and dad's house today! Wow! I couldn't get over how many people were there and all the gifts! A big thanks to my mom and sisters who put it all together. We now have lots of very useful things to take with us to China and to have waiting for us when we get home. We also got gift cards and money that will come in very handy as there are still several things we need to get before we leave. Special thanks to Donna and Brenda for coming so far for just a couple of hours. It means a lot! xo

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kennedy's Baby Picture!

We received this picture of Kennedy at just a few days old. It states:
Yu Cai Jiao
A girl
She was born on April 1, 2006
She was taken into care on April 4, 2006
She has a pleasing face and light skin

I love that we have this picture of her as an infant. It was like getting her referral photos all over again when we opened the package and saw this photo! I just want to kiss her nose and squeeze her cheeks!

LOST! The Countdown: Day 20

I woke up in a sweat this morning. I had a dream that I was lost in an airport. Marvin had left me to go and do something so I was pushing a cart FULL of luggage and trying to find my gate. Every time I stopped to ask someone where to go, they told me just to follow the signs. But for some reason, I couldn't see any signs. All of the sudden my Aunt Natalie(Milligan) appeared! She was working at the airport. She said come with me and we started running (I was running with a cart full of luggage!). That's when I woke up. Good grief! One thing is for sure: We can find our way out of Charlottetown airport and we'll be following our group for the rest of the ride, so no worries, unless ofcourse none of us know what we're doing!

20 days until we leave. It's just crazy that it's that close. I will be finishing work on January 24, so 8 days left with my kids(like my sisters have said, I'm now obsessed with countdowns!). They are so excited to meet Kennedy. I can't wait to take her to school. Some of the grade 6 girls that I taught 4 years ago stopped me in the hall the other day and were asking me about the trip and when we leave, etc. They all saw Kennedy's picture and they can't wait to meet her too! So many people are waiting to see our baby. Stepping back onto PEI soil with her is going to be fantastic!

Monday, January 08, 2007


A big thankyou to all of you who took the time to send me a 40th birthday reply. you are all definitely right, this year will be the best, can't wait to receive my beautiful daughter( 27 days ). Thanks carolyn for the nice present of soliciting these 40ish birthday wishes. NICE TOUCH. LOVE MARV XO

Saturday, January 06, 2007

40 Wishes for Marvin **see update below**


Marvin's 40th birthday is on Monday, January 8. I would love to gather 40 birthday wishes for him right here on Kennedy's blog. So PLEASE take a minute and leave a comment here or sign the guestbook. I'll show it to him on Monday. Then maybe, just maybe, he'll make a guest appearance on the blog to thank you all!!

**Update**Okay everyone, it's Monday morning...the big day. We're halfway to 40 wishes. I know many of you won't see this until work today, so p-l-e-a-s-e take a minute and jot down a happy b-day to Marvin. I'm heading off to work (after two weeks off...) so I'll check back in when I return home tonight, then I'll show him the results.

SURPRISE!! It's your baby shower!

Yep! That's friends held a surprise baby shower for me last night! I had no clue it was going to happen. We were going out for our annual Christmas get-together. It was postponed from before Christmas to last night.

We went to the Pilot House in Charlottetown for supper. I went to the washroom and when I came back there was a huge pile of gifts in my place. Funniest thing is I hadn't even noticed them carrying it all in. We had exchanged names for Christmas, so I just thought the bags were for those gifts. I was shocked to say the least.

Kennedy got some great clothes, books and toys! Thanks Jill, Jackie, Susie, Leah and Tracy! We love it all!

I've been tagged!

My good friend Sandra has tagged me so here goes!

A - Available or Taken: Taken
B - Best Friend: have to mention my roommate of 9 years, Sue...many great friends
C - Cake or Pie: Cake
D - Drink of Choice: PEPSI
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday: Computer
F - Favorite Color: Chocolate brown
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears
H - Hometown: Summerside
I - Indulgence: Chips 'n Dip
J - January or February: b-day, valentines day, going to CHINA!!!
K - Kids and Names:Kennedy Joy
L - Life Incomplete Without: my siblings
M - Marriage Date: July 15, 2000
N - Number of Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother
O - Oranges or Apples: Apples
P - Phobias or Fears: presently...packing for China
Q - Favorite Quote: "The Western School Board will be closed for the day"...hee-hee
R - Reason to Smile: My life is very good!
S - Season: Winter...with snow preferably
T - Tag 3 People: Jennifer, Angela, Natalie
U - Unknown Fact About Me: I took stepdancing classes for 10 years
V - Veggie You Don't Like: cabbage
W - Worst Habit: spending WAY too much time on my computer...I'm sure that'll change soon...
X - X-rays: several when I was young

Y - Your Favorite Food: Mom's chicken dinner
Z - Zodiac: Aquarius

Friday, January 05, 2007

Family News!!

It's been an exciting time over the holidays! Just before Christmas, my sister Amy and her husband, Trent,announced that they are having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Cole is going to have a sister. No one is more thrilled about the whole thing than Paige! We're going from having 3 boys and 1 girl in our family to evening it up at 3 and 3 with the addition of Kennedy and baby Robinson. It's going to be great for Amy and I to be off work together this summer and enjoy our babies together. I always hoped it would happen that way... cousin Andrea and her boyfriend Stacy got engaged on December 30th! They are getting married this summer! We are all very excited for them. Andrea is like the fourth sister in our family. Congratulations Andrea and Stacy!

The game is getting exciting...2-0 Canada! Go Canada Go!

The Countdown: 28 Days

I cannot believe we are down to 28 days. This time has passed very quickly for us. I wasn't sure if it would seem long, after seeing Kennedy's face for the first time, but with the holidays and all, we're now feeling the pressure to get our butts in gear and start packing.

We think we have enough clothes for Kennedy for the trip. We're still basically guessing at her size, based on the information we received. The report suggests she was 15lbs. at 5 months, however, it is very common to find that the babies are smaller than indicated on their records. On the other hand, I have read the odd story of people getting babies much bigger than they expected. Kennedy does look strong and healthy in her pictures, so we're going with the 6-12 month range of clothes for now. We're trying to stick to just buying what we need for now, until we get to her and see how big or small she really is. Then we'll go shopping when we get home.

We had our last appointment with the travel clinic today and got several prescriptions to take with us just in case of sickness on our part or for Kennedy. I still have another meeting with public health for a couple of other shots. It's all a bit more than I expected, but better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

Thank you to our friends Angela and Bryan for the lovely "referral" gifts they sent our way. We cannot wait until it is their turn to do all this...sometime this fall, hopefully.

Thank you to Monette for the baby gates...time to child-proof the house, I know. A few of my friends have been on my case about this!LOL Soon enough the rail will be on the stairs and the gates will be in place...soon.

Off to watch Team Canada vs. Russia...then on to Charlottetown tonight for a get-together with my girlfriends.

Have a great weekend everyone!